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How we work
Regarding Real estate buying & selling division, we do things the following;

Step one: We research the market according to your whishes and select the apartment, house or commercial building which exactly matches your set profile. Please contact us and provide as with a full detailed form about the size, age, image and type of your ideal property.

If low budget is your priority please put "Lowest price possible" to receive the best price on the market. If you want to keep yourself up to date please subscribe to our Newsletter to receive news, hot deals or Investment opportunities when available

Step two: We will help you with administration processes, negotiation, taxation & Mortgage; if necessary we assist our clients with permits, relocation aspects and communicate with municipal and migration authorities.

Upon request & for international clients we provide translation services both oral and in writing. The certified translation of all documents is also possible upon request.

Step three: Being the combination of a real estate consultancy & a contracting studio we aren't simply offering a real estate from our own existing database; we are providing a complete redesigning, remodeling, and refurbishing services if and when requested by our clients.

Our system delivers a satisfaction guarantee to our clients. Your are welcome to check what we can do for YOU

Regarding Contracting & refurbishing go to 
Property Contracting

Regarding Investment opportunities go to 
Investment Opportunities

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